Gender inequality,Women Violence & Solution

Rabi Kiran Hamal.
                              We have prevalence of patriarchal believes & practices for a long period of time.After formation of new constitution through CA in 2015,We are federal democratic republic of Nepal.The constitution has provision of 16 different fundamental rights,But the situation of women is still very backward ,We are listening so many incidents  of women violence all over the country day by day.There is a huge gap between male & female.Global estimates published by WHO indicate that about 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime,The rate is still more in Nepal.We should seek longterm solution ,protesting on road will not solve problem . Its very difficult to seek instance solution to violence because it is due to huge impact by ancient social structure. Let us discuss about the solution for gender inequality & women violence through different points.
  • Authority & Participation:
                       The person or group who has power & authority mostly get involved in violence.Either in politics or economy or society-Those who possess decision power,they can control others.Gender inequality is a situation in which women and men do not have equal power, resources or opportunities, and that their voices, ideas and work are not valued equally by society. Gender inequality provides the underlying social conditions for violence against women. It operates at many levels – from social and cultural norms (the dominant ideas about men and women in a society), to economic structures (such as the pay gap between men and women), to organisational, community, family and relationship practices. There is big difference between access & control .For example Majority of women are involved in agriculture ,Its only  access but they have no control over land & production.So we should focus on equal control or decision in various sectors.Constitution has secured  inclusive participation of women in parliament,cabinet and local governments but mostly the relatives of political leader & businessman are getting benefited.Inclusion is unable to address oppressed mass .So,every political party should invest more on women for leadership development.The government lead by Dr.Baburam Bhattarai in 2068 BS has 12(24.5% ) women ministers out of 49 ,which was highest participation of women in cabinet.Main place for making policies and implementation is parliament and different level of government , So there should be more participation of woman.
  • Education:

Education is the  best weapon against violence.History has proven that “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation”. Educating a woman brings about self-esteem and confidence. Schools, from primary level to higher educational institutions, vocational training and non-formal education, are important sites for normative change and have the potential to address gender inequalities and prevent gender based violence.

                    Euducational institutions create environment for strengthen positive, equal and respectful relationships between and among women and men, girls and boys.Constitution of Nepal has considered right to education is fundamental right which should be implemented strictly.Women can  immensely benefit from education which will help them to be economically empowered and confident.Educated woman has created history, Hillary clincton,Aung San Suu Kyi,Bidhyadevi Bhandari,Sonia gandhi,Indira gandhi etc are examples of most powerful women in this world ,one of strong motive behind them is education. Education is milestone of women empowerment
because it enables them to responds to the challenges, to confront their traditional role and change their life.
  • Positive view on sex: 
                           Sex is also word used for biological difference in human beings.Here, I am talking about sexual intercourse. Sex is not looked down in our culture. Sex is considered sacred and celebrated.I think the major purpose of sexual intercourse are continuity of generation by fertilization and pleasure or entertainment.But nepalese society relates sexual intercourse with prestage. Sex education is very important ,Every person should know the instruction of issues relating to human sexuality  including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy,sexual activity,sexual reproduction,age of consent,reproductive health,reproductive rights and means of contraceptives.We should change our views on sex & sexuality. When we make it more complicated and conceal ,level of curiosity rises that leads into the crime.
                               Nepal should  fix the legal age of sexual consent at 15, meaning sex with someone younger than that would be considered rape. Legislation varies across world with countries setting different legal ages of consent 14 years old in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Sweden 16 in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and 17 in Cyprus. Parents & neighbour should not raise questions to their son & daughters if they have safe sex . Every citizen should  promote safe sex because it is basic need.
  • Censor on Pornography :
                           Nepalese people are also making  profit from the porn industry.Everyone can easily get porn related materials through internet on phones,laptops & computers. Statistics shows that pornography is found at 80% of the scenes of violent sex crimes, or in the homes of the perpetrators.Porn is connected with sexual violence.
 Mainly aggressive forms of pornography can affect people’s attitudes and perceptions of sex.Such  attitudes and perceptions are furthermore ,directly related to actual aggressive behaviour against women.It is leading us toward sexual desensitization,So destructive  types of porn materials should be strictly banned by using methods  of censorship.
  • Banned on alcohol & drugs
                                 Alcohol use is legal and pervasive everywhere in our country , it plays a particularly strong role in the relationship to crime and other social problems. Domestic violence happening often are  due to alcohol.The use of alcohol and drugs can negatively affect all aspects of a person’s life, impact their family, friends and community, and place an enormous burden on Nepalese society.
                           Most of acquaintance rape and sexual assault on home,college,campuses & working places  involves the use of alcohol by the assailant, victim or both.
                          It will be easy for local government to stop marketing of alcohol and drugs.People should not be allowed to buy drugs without prescription of doctors or nurse.
  • Self defence training
                               Historically, women have been judged to have been raped or assaulted only if they mounted a “forceful resistance”, the assumption being that if a woman did not resist with all her strength that the sex must have been consensual. They will learn to resist and attack on the people who are going to do unwanted activities.
Self defence is a bold attempt to correct the traditional role ideology especially in the more prevalent sexual assault against women, where a societal expectation about sexual assault exists that men will be aggressive and women will be passive.   These programmes will encourage women to feel more physically powerful and able to disarm rapists. This approach however reflects the early stage of awareness about sexual abuse and is primarily a strategy to encourage women’s safety.This type of mechanism should be implemented in schools,colleges & work palaces.
  • Self transformation 
                         We cannot implement law in order to punish vast majority  of population, We are seeking a society where only few people need law enforcement.Where there is good law, there may not be good citizens.We should invest on ourselves for transformation ,It means we should always respect humanity. majority of male population always consider women as object or sexual object ,This stereotype should be altered. We can see parts of beautiful lady for different types of advertisement -this is consideration  female as a combination of various body parts. Media focus on women´s body rather than their mind and ideas, we should develop a culture that we are not bounded by our physical structure,we have huge things beyond phicality.We should always be aware that when harming human beings or every other beings we become dehumanized.Parents should invest for radical transformation on their children. Yoga and spirituality should be focused more.
  • Strict Rules & Regulations 
                    Once laws are in place, they convey a strong message that violence against women is not tolerated and that it is the right of every woman to live free of violence.laws and policies can often play a positive role in changing attitudes and behaviours in the long term, especially when they are accompanied by complementary strategies such as awareness-raising on ending violence.
                           Nepal’s new constitution is progressive, and institutes several positive elements for the upliftment of women status in the country.Rapist should stay upto 20 years in prison according to The Civil Code Act and Criminal Code. People are demanding death penalty for rapists because its a serious crime.Another punishment may be making them sexually inactive.
                             At the end,Neither man nor woman is perfect or complete without the other. Men and women should work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other’s strengths.We cannot imagine peaceful and prosperous Nepal by  leaving  half population behind.